The rules stated below are actively enforced by our Community Staff. These rules apply to public postings, private messages and links to other sites. We tend give out warnings and remind people of these rules when violations do occur. However, blatant and/or consistent violations will be handled more seriously, with the potential of completely banning those who become belligerent about the situation. In shorter words, if you plan on being a pest... you won't be here for long. So, please respect this place by adhering to these rules when participating in discussion.

No cursing/swearing in any context. This community was designed to support mature people interested in programming/coding. Words of certain nature like w*rez, p*rn, f*ck, etc... could trigger "web guards" at public institutions to block access to this site, which is something we do not wish to happen of course. Don't try to avoid the word filter by using substitute letters such as '@' for a, and etc...

Respect will be given to the Community Staff that help moderate this place, and to all other members respectively. Members will treat each other with mutual respect and will not fight in the open about personal affairs. While sometimes a difference of opinion can heat up a discussion, stay mature and treat each other with respect. Administration and Moderation of this community is not up to debate, nor is it a position for abuse. Do not argue with the Community Staff in the open. Please leave the moderation up to the Community Staff, and don't compromise their authority by contradicting them publicly when these rules are being enforced. If you have issues with a particular thread/subject/topic/member, bring it up privately to a member of the Community Staff. If you have issues of abuse from a particular member of the Community Staff, bring it up to another member of the Community Staff in order to resolve the problem.

Threats or Attacks, in any context, will not be tolerated. This community will not be a medium for malicious activities.

Piracy (i.e. programs that need to be bought but which you download without buying) in any context will not be tolerated in this community, EVER. There are a lot of professional programmers here, respect their profession and feelings by not requesting commercial software or pointing out where to find them. This includes violations of any license agreement provided by the owner of the software.

Malicious software including cracks, hacks, exploits, viruses, trojans, hardware protection breakers, or anything else considered malicious or illegal by US or International Laws will not be tolerated in this community, EVER.

Reverse Engineering discussion is generally not allowed due to the overwhelming nature of unprofessional people and their malicious purposes related to this subject. Since this website is under US Law, technically, if the discussion does not violate the DMCA and does not involve malicious intent, it is OK. Realistically, history shows that majority of questions posted involve some form of malicious or illegal intent, so we tend not to help people who ask questions related to any part of reverse engineering. In light of this, we ask you to limit your questions on how to operate a specific and legal debugger only. Unofficial plug-ins of any debugger are not supported here since they also tend to be written by other people with malicious intent. We have many excellent and knowledgeable programmers in this community, and they can usually figure out what you are trying to do. If we suspect you are doing something illegal, we will ask, and we reserve the right to not help you. So please, keep it clean and legal.

Religious or Political Issues are not to be discussed due to the multi-national/cultural status of this community. Such topics are best left out for everyone's sake.

Illegal Disclosure of any information will not be tolerated. In other words, if you're bound by a Non-Disclosure Agreement, or other legal constructs, not to speak about something, then you're not allowed to post or link that information here.

Homework of yours is none of our concern. This community does not exist to bail you out of an obligation you cannot fulfill yourself. Requests for resources and clarification of subjects are acceptable. Solving entire problems, writing the majority of programs, or generally doing your work for you is totally unacceptable. Be careful how you word your questions. I think you get the idea of what is and isn't acceptable.

If you're ever unsure about whether you can post something in particular, or if you will be violating any of these rules, use the private messaging system and PM a member of the Community Staff with your questions and you should get a response shortly.

The rules are here for the protection of both the community and its members. Please do not violate them.
Posted on 2005-03-23 16:14:06 by SpooK