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Posted on 2007-02-19 15:32:49 by JoKo
You may not believe but I just downloaded LZMA SDK... ??
Judging by the numbers, it looks good. But LZMA rocks anyway.

As a side-note PECompact is giving me on the nerves yet. It tilts my anti-virus... No idea why this crap has this behavior.
Posted on 2007-02-19 18:17:07 by codename
LZMA SDK is extremely messy - I never got around to extracting the stuff necessary to actually use it >_<
Posted on 2007-02-19 18:25:18 by f0dder

LZMA SDK is extremely messy - I never got around to extracting the stuff necessary to actually use it >_<

Amen to that. God knows how it gets imported into ANYTHING, let alone without an external dependancy......
Posted on 2007-02-20 15:14:59 by Ehtyar
Thank you ladies and gentleman,

Let me tell something about general compression algorithms and exefile packing:

here i have packed a 10 MByte PE32 file (winword.exe - version 10):

Packer 1 : 4494 KB
Packer 2 : 4301 KB
Packer 3 : 4180 KB
Packer 4 : 4060 KB

believe it or not - this packers uses nearly identical general compression procedures.
If you want to reproduce a packing ratio like NSPack or PECompact you must use a good compression method but it's also important to do some other things.

Posted on 2007-02-23 12:20:04 by JoKo
The results of the compression of one dataset is not necessarily a good indicator of the general case.
Please provide several more comparisons with different input datasets.
Posted on 2007-02-24 02:43:32 by Homer
Nice packer, but produces not working executables if you don't find the right settings. Changing "new file alignment" below 512 almost never works.
Here's a compression test.

BTW: know it's been a long time since then, but why has the "IDE support forum" been disintegrated( all posts move elsewhere and the forum deleted )?

Posted on 2007-02-24 12:56:48 by AlexB

don't know why i'am leaving this stupid filealignment setting.

It must be:
1. FileAlignment <= SectionAlignment
2. If FileAlignment < 512
      FileAlignment = SectionAlignment
      (on Win9x this file never runs !)

So it's normaly only possible to set the filealignment between 512 and 4096 (std.
sectionalignment) or between 512 and 64KB if you are using an oldtime Borland linker.

PS: for small files like keygen.exe it's often better to use the LZSS compression.

Posted on 2007-02-24 15:54:08 by JoKo