I've "played" with the edit control and its source code and I want to say some comments. I built a simple MDI application and used the source code you provided-Not the compiled DLL:

1. Is it possible to use the "PARENT" window of your control as the MDI CHILD window instead of placing it on other MDI CHILD window? I tried but the result is not very good.
2. I did not manage to collapse - expand one procedure clicking on the +-. All the procedures with the two buttons are expanding-collapsing smoothly. Any Ideas?
3. Wouldn't it be better if there was no focus rectangle on the three buttons?
4. Wouldn't it be better if the splitter was moved to the original position by double clicking on it?
5.What if there was a combo box on your "PARENT" window listing all the procedure names.
6.What if a horizontal line was drawn just above every Procedure listing so that the code is more readable?
7.Can you please comment a bit the source code?

Thanks; Iam still studying...
Posted on 2003-01-07 00:50:02 by akyprian

Comment Nr.2 is OK now. It was a bug in my code.
Posted on 2003-01-07 03:25:58 by akyprian
Hi akyprian

1. No
2. It is in the EN_SELCHANGE that this has to be done (by the IDE)
3. Not a problem as the IDE should set focus back to the edit control.
4. Good idea.
5. It should be the IDE that maintains such a combo. It is true that most IDE's only handle single file properties. RadASM handles project properties so such a combo would be of no use.
6. Good idea.
7. With time I will make documentation and tutorials.

Posted on 2003-01-07 03:38:15 by KetilO
One more suggestion:

The SizeGrip should not be displayed when the parent of "PARENT" is maximized.
Posted on 2003-01-07 06:52:12 by akyprian
Hi akyprian

Thanks, that one slipped.

Posted on 2003-01-07 07:48:06 by KetilO