Hi KetilO.
When you open a single code file in RadASM and not a project, you can't see it's property listing unless you set the properties window to display the properties of the top most file or all open files. It would be more convenient if it would check for project existence and if it founds a project is not loaded, to list the properties even though during the last session the option is set to All Project Files or Selected Project File.

Cool feature would be a list box instead of option buttons in the New Project dialog which would let us add support for more than 5 assemblers. "Masm,tasm,nasm,fasm,hla" has filled the list and I kind of think of the future... besides that I use RadASM for micro controler assembler as well and I guess some would like to use it with some free HLL compiler as well :)

End of transmission.
Posted on 2003-04-11 01:15:27 by Milos
Hi Milos

Good ideas, I will see what I can do.

Posted on 2003-04-11 02:45:41 by KetilO
It would be more convenient if it would check for project existence and if it founds a project is not loaded

The createproject.dll addin checks for project (*.rap) existence and if found loads it.

Posted on 2003-04-11 03:42:20 by minor28
Well minor28 the idea behind this was to have it read properties of asm files you dont have a project for and you might not wish to create a project for it anyway.

As of your nice add-in, I would have a few suggestions. First, the same I told before RadASM should have for assembler choice applies to this addin. You could scan for the "Assembler" key in RadASM.ini and add just those choices to a list box.

Project name should filter the file extension (sample.asm for example should be just sample), and it's possibly easy to let the user alter just the project name.

Another thing is that maybe (just maybe) it would look cleaner if the edit had a border and didnt use such big font :)

See you around
Posted on 2003-04-13 16:41:49 by Milos
Hey ketilO

I've just noticed a minor bug.

I have the following proc.

MO_FormatString proc C USES ebx edi esi _src, _dest, args:VARARG

When typing an invoke the function tooltip displays MO_FormatString, C, _dest, _args

I'm using version

I love the line spacing, great work :alright:
Posted on 2003-04-21 23:16:36 by Maelstrom
Hi all

RadASM uploaded to my website.

What's new:

- RadASM can now support more than 5 assemblers / hll's.
- Several minor bugfixes.

Posted on 2003-04-23 06:52:48 by KetilO
Hi KetilO,
I have a problem regarding RadASM when editing fasm code, the collapse of procedures is not working. The last functioning RadASM I've tested was
For masm code the procedures collapse properly.

Is there a new setting?

Thanks and Best Regards,
Posted on 2003-04-29 09:31:19 by pelaillo
Hi pelaillo

Thange the following in fasm.ini section


Posted on 2003-04-30 04:10:09 by KetilO
Hey ketilO

I've found a bug.

Using shift-tab on a collapsed proc works ok, but if you have more than one highlighted the first one displays properly but the rest don't. The code is ok but you need to close and reopen the file to reset the display and it only happens on collapsed procs.

I start my procs 1 tab in.


Hope that made sense.

Posted on 2003-05-04 21:29:54 by Maelstrom
Hi Maelstrom

Thanks for the bug report. I will upload a fix soon.

Posted on 2003-05-05 02:19:28 by KetilO
Hi Ketil,

I found this little bugger :

Comments after include statement are not painted like comments...
ex: include /masm/in.inc ;this comment will not be yellow :)


Is there possibilities to add another Trigger to the one existing for masm?

Occasionnally I'm using the macro $invoke() to make some calls but I miss the little Tooltip helper when completing API's... Not all that important but would be nice...


Sorry for keeping this short.

Keep up the great work.

Cheers JC
Posted on 2003-05-05 12:27:25 by JimmyClif
Hi JimmyClif

1. Fixed
2. Sorry, not possible.

Posted on 2003-05-06 03:20:24 by KetilO
Hi all

RadASM uploaded to my web site.

Whats new
- Fixed too fast selection scroll problem.
- Fixed a bug with outdent on collapsed procs.
- Fixed comment hiliting on include / includelib line bug.

Posted on 2003-05-06 03:21:57 by KetilO
i think you have a bug in this version ( .
sometimes , when I press on the status window RadAsm crashes

here is the details (my screen with olly- hope this helps)


Posted on 2003-05-06 08:29:05 by eko
Hi eko

I am not able to get this error. Can you explain a little more?

Posted on 2003-05-07 02:59:45 by KetilO
Hi Donkey

The new help file is great. Just what RadASM needed. :alright:

Posted on 2003-05-07 03:01:34 by KetilO
Hi KetilO

My indent key "F9" and comment key "F10" have ceased to function in the new version

Posted on 2003-05-07 13:54:43 by minor28

F9 Indent works ok for me, but comment has changed to ALT-F9, uncomment CTRL-ALT-F9

Posted on 2003-05-07 14:37:13 by Maelstrom
Thanks Maelstrom

I had not notised the change and suddenly the F9-key works. Thanks

Posted on 2003-05-07 15:18:57 by minor28
Congrats to KetilO for a great IDE! :alright:
Posted on 2003-05-07 15:38:27 by lostcauz