Thanks for autocomplate brackets(and others). I liked it too much.

Posted on 2003-07-19 23:24:02 by cakmak
Hi KetilO,

Noticed yet. Also after project created from templates, project tree seems incompleted, but in fact all exist.
Posted on 2003-07-20 00:13:47 by cakmak
Hi all

Thanks for your bug reports.
I found a bug and are guessing that all the bug reports are related to this bug.

Will you try this RadASM.exe and see if it solves the problem.


Attachment deleted. Fix is uploaded to my website.
Posted on 2003-07-20 04:07:04 by KetilO
Yes, all seems well with this one now... thanks.
Posted on 2003-07-20 07:15:22 by Gunner
Hi Ketil

Yes the new exe seems to work just fine.


Posted on 2003-07-20 08:27:23 by peanut
Thank you,

This is alright. And, you forgot to update the version information (in file properties sheet).

Posted on 2003-07-20 10:28:31 by cakmak
Hi cakmak

I will fix it.

Posted on 2003-07-20 10:52:25 by KetilO
KetilO, wow, marking the assembly errors is a real time saver! :alright:
Posted on 2003-07-20 15:01:09 by bitRAKE
Yep, must agree on that one!
Posted on 2003-07-20 15:13:28 by Delight
Hi KetilO

My briefcase is full again :)

1. Same named projects:

Try this, but without closing RadAsm.

Create a project > Close > Delete Folder > Recreate Project(previous name)

ok. Everything created but project tree showing only folder, not content.

2. Opening ".api" in radasm:

Try to open open an "xxxApiCall.api" file in RadAsm. Yes opening and immediately crashing.

in RAEdit.dll , invalid page fault error.


EAX=00024acc CS=015f EIP=1000166d EFLGS=00010203
EBX=0058d978 SS=0167 ESP=006bfa08 EBP=006bfa14
ECX=00002000 DS=0167 ESI=0c370078 FS=5e77
EDX=a00fef8d ES=0167 EDI=0c480078 GS=6a17
03 04 3a 41 3b 45 0c 72 f4 3b 45 0c 76 01 49 8b

006bfaa0 0058d9b8 0058d978 006bfa98 10008635 0058d978 fffff935 006bfaa0 00008b10 006bfaec 006bfa58 bff562ce 0000041f 00020000 00000002 bff562e1

3. Other little issues:

Templates doesn't accepts "AutoLoad, AutoDelete..." settings. Also modules are different in project but not in created templates. Unimportant?

...mmm, briefcase so big.

Posted on 2003-07-20 17:48:47 by cakmak
Hi cakmak,

You can edit the template file directly to include the autoload section of the RAP file. If you check step 3 of the template section of the help file it explains that there is a one to one correlation between the [*BEGINDEF*] section of the TPL file and the RAP file. You have only to copy the section of the RAP file and paste it into the TPL file.
Dll Project

RadASM Addin template
1=4,O,$B\RC.EXE /v,1
2=3,O,$B\ML.EXE /c /coff /Cp /nologo /I"$I",2
6=*.obj,O,$B\ML.EXE /c /coff /Cp /nologo /I"$I",*.asm
11=4,O,$B\RC.EXE /v,1
12=3,O,$B\ML.EXE /c /coff /Cp /nologo /I"$I",2
16=*.obj,O,$B\ML.EXE /c /coff /Cp /nologo /I"$I",*.asm
Posted on 2003-07-20 22:11:05 by donkey
How can I customize RadAsm's ToolBar if at all? (Add /remove buttons of user choice)

Regards GJ
Posted on 2003-07-20 23:10:03 by Green Joe
Can't be done,

I played around with that a bit when I wanted to change the I and II buttons, I replaced the main toolbar bitmap using reshack, eventually I wrote ButtonChanger instead. But no, the customizable style is not set with the toolbar and there is no functionality to customize it. Maybe one for the WishList :)
Posted on 2003-07-20 23:40:10 by donkey
Hi cakmak

Thanks once more.

1. Same named projects:

Try this, but without closing RadAsm.

Create a project > Close > Delete Folder > Recreate Project(previous name)

ok. Everything created but project tree showing only folder, not content.

Projects was not properly closed. The bug is fixed and a new upload is done to my website.

2. Opening ".api" in radasm:

Does not happend here (Win98SE, WinXP)

3. Other little issues

Modules is a problem and needs it's own method. I will fix it soon.

Posted on 2003-07-21 02:09:25 by KetilO

Thank you. In fact i have already did it before message. Here, i thought this feature is more complate for projects and if an easy thing in development, would be better. And not only this, also modules etc. I suppose this part of project is from early days of templates creation(i think), and maybe a forgotten or not thought features. And would be nice for all. Thats it :)


I got this error while opening tasmApiCall.api or masmApiCall.api(i stated this), interesting but not others.

Btw, my win98 is not SE, previous version(4.10.1998 ->

Posted on 2003-07-21 19:28:04 by cakmak
Hey ketilO

I like the automatic [ ] completion, would it be worthwhile to do the same for ( ) { } and single/double quotes?

Posted on 2003-07-21 22:56:42 by Maelstrom
Hi cakmak

Maybe there is something wrong with the tasmApiCall.api and the masmApiCall.api files.
The files must not contain spaces, tabs or blank lines. Also the last line must be terminated with Cr+Lf.

Posted on 2003-07-22 01:53:34 by KetilO
Hi Maelstrom

The main reason for adding this feature is because the brackets are difficult to type on some keyboards. It took a while getting used to, but now I love it. I will try adding ( ) and { }.

Posted on 2003-07-22 01:57:47 by KetilO
Yeah, I think I'll end up liking the feature but it's driving me nuts right now, on our KB's it's easy to type and you do it automatically. I seem to be having alot of this: ] in my code but eventually I'll get used to it. :grin:
Posted on 2003-07-22 02:02:35 by donkey
Hi ketil

About the brackets completion.

Would it be possible to make it work only if carret is at the end of a line?.

It doesn't work as well when adding brackets to existing code.

But the feature is non the less great.

Posted on 2003-07-23 12:36:03 by peanut