Hi all

Uploaded RadASM to my web site.

Whats new:

- You can now select wich pages to print.
- Shift+Space to show word list is now an option.
- You must now press Ctrl+Shift+Space to copy text from api tooltip. Ctrl/Shift+Space activates word list.
- Fixed a bug with Ctrl+Space when api list has focus.

Posted on 2003-01-27 06:33:34 by KetilO
Hi all

Uploaded RadASM to my web site.

Whats new:
- Fixed an output window bug that could cause RadASM to GPF.
- Fixed an Alt Gr key problem in RAEdit
- Changed Alt+Ctrl accelerators to Shift+Ctrl in RadASM
(Alt Gr key problems on some keyboards)
- Fixed double click on error in ouput window bug for tasm / fasm.
- Added support for melt (Masm Error Lookup Tool)
Double click on error number in output will launch melt.
See included melt.txt for more info.

Posted on 2003-02-01 05:32:55 by KetilO
Whats new:
- Added support for melt (Masm Error Lookup Tool)
Double click on error number in output will launch melt.

Now that is cool! And works great ;) RadASM needed that.
Posted on 2003-02-01 08:12:03 by Gunner
thank you KetilO for fixing AltGr problem and changing shortcuts,
now your program is just perfect, and a reason for coding in asm to me
Posted on 2003-02-01 11:22:11 by drizz
Hi all

Uploaded RadASM to my web site.

Whats new:
- Fixed an accelerator bug in RAEdit (Ctrl+C / Ctrl+V)

Posted on 2003-02-02 10:59:02 by KetilO
I haven't noticed this, when i tried to type a member in a struct, it didn't popup member names after (.) was it the same before? As I tested it is working OK, only while definition is global, if local it doesn't.

Btw, thanks for Tasm output window bug-fix.

Again thanks
Posted on 2003-02-02 14:10:38 by cakmak
Hi cakmak

Can't find anything wrong with local structs. Please give me an example.

Posted on 2003-02-02 15:01:13 by KetilO
i was just going to report that accelerator bug, but i see you've already done it
now i downloaded ,and it all works except Ctrl+Z
Posted on 2003-02-02 17:50:45 by drizz
...like this,

proc MainWindowCallback uses ebx esi edi, hwnd, uMsg, wParam, lParam


mov ebx, [hwnd]
mov eax, [uMsg]
cmp eax, WM_CREATE
je @@create
cmp eax, WM_DESTROY
je @@destroy
cmp eax, WM_PAINT
je @@paint

call DefWindowProc, ebx, eax, [wParam], [lParam]

lea esi, [PS]
call BeginPaint, ebx, esi

call SetBkMode, [PS.hdc], TRANSPARENT

after "PS." nothing invoked. And also anywhere in program too.(PAINTSTRUCT is in TasmApiStruct)

Posted on 2003-02-02 20:47:14 by cakmak
Hi cakmak

RadASM probably does not recognize the form:

proc ProcName

Try using the form:

ProcName proc

Posted on 2003-02-03 00:53:08 by KetilO

? cant do this, because ideal mode tasm needs "proc" before procedure name. :(

Posted on 2003-02-03 10:50:17 by cakmak
Hey KetilO

Just downloaded the latest version of RadASM an I love the collapsable procs :alright:

Minor bugs

- I select italic for the code editor font but it resets to regular when I reload RadASM.
- When changing font style and size the caret doesn't change size or position until you click the mouse button or change code windows.


- What about collapsable structures?

Posted on 2003-02-09 20:24:55 by Maelstrom
Hi Maelstrom

Thanks for the bug report, I will fix it soon.

There has been many requests on collapse other things than just procs (structs, macros, if blocks, loops). My concern is that it will slow down the editor too much. I will stick to procs only untill I can find a better/faster way to analyse blocks.

Posted on 2003-02-10 02:13:48 by KetilO
Hi all

Uploaded RadASM to my web site.

Whats new:

- Better support for DBCS fonts (Chinese, Japanese, Korean).
- Better support for Western and Cyrillic character sets.
- Fixed bugs related to edit overwrite mode.
- It is now possible to setup how RadASM handles individual characters.
See RadASMini.rtf Section for more info. Should make it possible
for RadASM to handle other programming languages than assembly.

Posted on 2003-02-16 08:44:16 by KetilO
Don't you mean ketilO ;)

I hope this hasen't already been suggested, when loading a file could you collapsed all the procs? Maybe an option.

The editor font still doesn't keep the style settings.

Posted on 2003-02-16 18:15:13 by Maelstrom
Thanks for update and for all,

May I suggest to adding support to files that is not recognised by RadAsm? I mean for example to support user defined data types in resource scripts. Unfortunately, even RCDATA is can not substitute for some resources. Today I tried to create a different shaped dialog. It is RGNerator.exe(RGN Generator), is needs a "RGN" named data and also must "RANGE" named id. I created this after manually changing the .rc file and wanted to create a template. But here is second difficulty. RadAsm disapproved this type data. Is this too specific?

Abstract, maybe this is not too important here but maybe will be useful in the future. I suppose :rolleyes:
Posted on 2003-02-16 20:02:18 by cakmak
hi KetilO,

from raedit.asm
977 .elseif edx==5Ah && eax==2Ch && fControl && !fShift
978 ;Ctrl+Z, Undo
979 invoke Undo,ebx,hWin
980 .elseif edx==59h && eax==15h && fControl && !fShift
981 ;Ctrl+Y, Redo

debuging it i found out that eax values should be switched
(977: eax==15h, 980: eax==2Ch)
and Undo , Redo works

thanks for releasing the source
Posted on 2003-02-16 20:54:36 by drizz
Hi Maelstrom

Yeah, was what I meant. :rolleyes:
A default collapsed option is a good idea. I will add it.
RadASM still does not save font-style to ini. I will remember to do this next time.

Posted on 2003-02-17 01:41:47 by KetilO
Hi cakmak

I have no idea what you are talking about. Maybe you could upload an example so I could learn something new.

Posted on 2003-02-17 01:45:32 by KetilO
Hi drizz

On a Croatian keyboard the characters y and z is interchanged so this makes sense.
I will try and see if I can omit the scan code safely.

Posted on 2003-02-17 02:00:49 by KetilO