Like this. Btw, I could not fully successful.

Posted on 2003-02-17 10:12:49 by cakmak

On a Croatian keyboard the characters y and z is interchanged

i should have tell you this, my fault, thanks for the new raedit.
Posted on 2003-02-17 12:59:28 by drizz
Dobro dosao na forum, drizz. Retki smo sa ovih predela :alright:
Posted on 2003-02-17 14:14:44 by Milos
Hi cakmak

I converted your example to masm. No problems, works as it should.

Posted on 2003-02-17 14:39:06 by KetilO
Thank You,

I will look it.

Posted on 2003-02-17 20:02:01 by cakmak
I'm again about filenames:
could you do that option "copy file name"
generate string "include {filename}"
I mean word "include" and space before filename.
It seems to me filename is needed only to include file anyway.
Posted on 2003-02-20 03:55:51 by The Svin
Hi The Svin

Good idea!

Posted on 2003-02-20 04:11:06 by KetilO
Hi all

Uploaded RadASM to my web site.

Whats new:
- Fixed a bug that caused Ctrl+Z / Ctrl+Y to not work on some keyboards
- Added option to open code files with procs collapsed.
- Code and text font style is now saved to ini.
- Improved word select / jump (Ctrl+<Right / Left Arrow>) functions.

Posted on 2003-02-20 04:13:25 by KetilO

I've download the full package of RadASM from ur homepage and found that when I tried to open a MASM source file contain Chinese or input Chinese character it was not response. My OS is Win98se (Simplied Chinese Version).But in WinXP it works properly when I set the "Code Editor Font" to a appropriate font.

Posted on 2003-02-22 23:54:51 by WksWlj999
Hi WksWlj999

I don't have access to Chinese win98se. The source for RAEdit (the edit control used in RadASM) can be found at my web site (SimEd project). Any help on how to solve this is welcome.

Posted on 2003-02-23 06:32:42 by KetilO
Yesterday I downloaded RadASM but I have problems with ALL button images. On my computer they are displayed pure black with some dark gray pixels. The only way to determine the function of the button is the hint.

My computer:

Cyrix pr333, 64M ram, Windows 95 osr2
Posted on 2003-02-24 04:51:03 by JohnFound
Hi KetilO,

May I suggest that, to do optional the long names support while commandline parsing. Because sometimes this is resulting an error, sure if this is not my faulty as before, user may use short path and/or names in this situations. For example,

C:\Masm32\Bin\LIB.EXE " *.obj /out:..\image.lib"

this is from "Projects" folder, "imagelib" project commandline output(catched by "T" option). Without quotes(tested in a .bat file) working flawless. But, otherwise neither batch, nor RadAsm ide can finish this linking with quotes. So, any suggestion?

Note: I thought another way for Long Names/Paths support.So,

1. Get the "user defined Filename/path" (not all options,as is, since others already defined by linker, assembler etc.)
2. Using GetShortPathName, send to target program
3. Rename short filename back to long one (maybe unnecessary) after finished.

Maybe this is a lame or not may preffered way but only an idea.

Best Regards
Posted on 2003-02-24 10:28:11 by cakmak
Hi JohnFound

It seem like win95 has problems with the images. Are you using 256 colors?

Posted on 2003-02-25 07:05:57 by KetilO
Hi cakmak

Change the projects link command to:

..\image.lib,OT,$B\LIB.EXE *.obj /out:..\image.lib

and it will work.

Posted on 2003-02-25 07:21:00 by KetilO
Hi KetilO.

I am using 1024x768x32bit screen mode. When the RadASM make this images problem, I am tryed 16bit color depth, but the problem is the same.
Posted on 2003-02-25 07:22:18 by JohnFound
I've also had the same problem on Win95, and I think the problem is to do with how the bitmaps are loaded, which are used in the image list that is used to assign the toolbox button images. They need to be loaded using the masked option, otherwise Win95 seems to draw them with lots of black.

I played about with one of KetilOs previous demo apps that was posted (mdidlg) and managed to get the buttons to display correctly on Win95. Let me know if you want the code I modified. I have attached 3 images which show the current version of RadAsm on Win2K, an old version of RadAsm on Win95 and the modified MdiDlg, which will show up the same on any OS.

Hope this is of use.

Posted on 2003-02-25 08:18:35 by Nick
Hi Nick

Please post the code.

Posted on 2003-02-25 08:31:30 by KetilO
The following is your Do_ImageList procedure, that I changed by adding the mask specific things, when I did it I also changed the bitmap background colour to magenta (ff00ff), but if you put the right colour in the ImageList_AddMasked line it should be ok to use the current bitmap. Also when calling the function, I changed the last parameter from TRUE to FALSE.

Hope this helps


Do_ImageList proc phInst:HINSTANCE,pidBmp:DWORD,nSize:DWORD, nImg:DWORD, fMap:DWORD

invoke ImageList_Create,nSize,nSize,ILC_COLOR8 or ILC_MASK,nImg,0
mov lhIml,eax
.if fMap
invoke CreateMappedBitmap,phInst,pidBmp,NULL,NULL,NULL
invoke LoadBitmap,phInst,pidBmp
mov lhBmp,eax
invoke ImageList_AddMasked,lhIml,lhBmp,0ff00ffh ; background colour
invoke DeleteObject,lhBmp
invoke ImageList_SetBkColor,lhIml,0C0C0C0h
mov eax,lhIml

Do_ImageList endp
Posted on 2003-02-25 08:41:58 by Nick
Hi Nick


Let me know if this works.


Fix uploaded to my web site.
Posted on 2003-02-25 09:27:03 by KetilO
That seems to work great for the toolbox buttons, thanks.

The other small buttons that have arrows on them are still displayed as black squares though - the menu editor, the window style dialog, and also in the dialog editor, if the dialog is drawn with a grid, the window just appears white, with no dots.

Thanks for the fix.

Posted on 2003-02-25 09:42:48 by Nick