I been searching and experimenting with ml but I can't see how to expand the macros in the listing.

In fact I thought I just saw it in one of the message thread but can't find it.

Posted on 2003-01-08 18:55:45 by RockyJ

Look towards the bottom of the following listing:


Also, in this posting natas shows how to use .nolist and .list to reduce list file size:



Posted on 2003-01-09 08:20:26 by farrier
hi , thx Farrier

I tried the /Fa to no avail
I also been thru the gamut with .nolist in place
It doesn' reduce the file size one iota!

But .nocref .....

the second link is the one I remember but couldn't find. I will give the .nocref a try maybe that is the clue I needed.
Posted on 2003-01-09 17:58:44 by RockyJ
no it still lists every equ and proto in the includes

I can get the macro expansion,
I just thought there was away to isolate the listing to certain code. .nolist doesn' t work for me.
Posted on 2003-01-09 18:12:58 by RockyJ
Sorry, I hate to troll this thread but for some weird reason I got it to work
I'm putting the switches here so I can find them again:rolleyes:


I swear these directives didn't work before but do now:rolleyes:

ml /c /Fl /Sn /Sg file.asm

/Sg was a big help and it is not listed under

ML /?
Posted on 2003-01-09 19:55:41 by RockyJ