I came up with an idea yesterday while reading one of the ml errors in the RadAsm output window. Don't remember the number but for example:
I receive an A2002 error with a description of "Cannot have more than one ELSE clause per IF block."

Now I would have to open the ml docs to find the description of that, I really don't want to do that so I wrote this little utility that when you type in 2002.. eh here is a screen shot...

Just type in the error number minus the 'A' and hit return and it will tell you if it is a Fatal, Non-Fatal, or Warning error, the error title and description. Maybe I can turn this into a addin for RadAsm? Well anyway this is a work in progress and will be changing things around... not sure if it works on NT OS's but it should...

I have all the Fatal and Warning Errors included and have about 25-40 Non fatal errors... still have to add the rest and the rest is a lot!

it is called IDKWTCI.exe cause I Don't Know What To Call It yet! :grin:

Posted on 2003-01-11 14:25:59 by Gunner
This sounds like a very usefull utillity. In my case it would have been better if it
was compatible with RadASM. ( :) ) Maybe it could popup from the tray when it
detects an error message in the RadASM output window and extract the error?
that could be really usefull. Just an idea for you to chew on. ( :) ) BTW: have you
looked at the comments I posted in your thread? -Cheers
Posted on 2003-01-11 14:30:42 by natas
Simple answer to the thread title: Yes :)

I think this utility will be very helpfull. Why not call it "Melt" (Masm Error Lookup Tool)? :)
Posted on 2003-01-11 17:13:45 by scientica
Ooooh, MELT (Ml Error Lookup Tool)... I like that :)
Posted on 2003-01-11 17:20:30 by Gunner
I agree, but i have two comments for it:

1) Make it collapsable (kinda like winamp). Simple solution to this is have a toolbar button to toggle the lower edit control from shown and hidded (and adjusting the window size).

2) Make another button to keep it on top of all other windows. Another toggle button would work (for this i can give you some code and 'thumb-tack' images to toggle the button with ~ showing it tacked onto the desktop or not).

The reason is to truely make it a usefull tool. Working out bugs you dont want to keep searching the task-bar for your tool. Nor have it disappear when you switch back to your full-screen editor. So to optionally have it always ontop, and collapse untill either a new code is entered in the (always visible) edit field, or by manually dropping the edit area open. This would make it most practicle in my opinion, cause the edit box for the error info will have to take up considerable screed space ;)

Posted on 2003-01-11 21:49:22 by NaN
Nice idea. Why not expand it a little. Have an opcode lookup, Maybe a MASM keyword lookup. How about having each in it's own file, and be able to add more files. Add tabs along the top for each file, "on the fly"... :grin:
Posted on 2003-01-11 22:49:24 by S/390
I figured it would be a cool tool. I love eveyones comments and would love to make this a great little utility. It is still in its infancy so give it some time and I think we will have something great!

I just added another 40 Non-Fatal errors to the message table and have over 100 to go to include all of the MASM errors.

NAN, I like your ideas and any code and guidance you can give would be be greatly appreciated. :)

1. so a button to make the lower edit window "close" and only have the top half shown, and vise a versa?

2. On top, yes this is in my mind for the future.

So maybe keep a little button always visible somewhere on the screen so you can open and close the utility and not take up too much screen space? Yes?

S/390, I have to walk before I run! :cool: the ideas sound great and will give them a shot!
Posted on 2003-01-12 03:02:18 by Gunner
One Question before i cough up some code ;)

Is it a dialog window, or a standard window with a child windows created by hand?

Posted on 2003-01-12 09:37:37 by NaN
No Dialog, all created by fingers. ;)
Posted on 2003-01-12 15:24:27 by Gunner

Good luck with it! :)

A few things are more interesting for me: will it be open source? Will the references it uses (the info you collected) be freely available?
Posted on 2003-01-12 19:58:17 by wicr0s0ft
wicr0s0ft said:
will it be open source? Will the references it uses (the info you collected) be freely available?

Open source? I thought about that but all it really uses is FormatMessage! I gotten all the error descriptions from the net in a ml doc from somewhere, so I don't think I would have a problem distributing them.
Posted on 2003-01-12 22:20:53 by Gunner
Simple and smart(?)... I think is much better than a big huge source where the main lillo thing you might want is "macarroned" with a whole lotta things... :)

And as I think you may want to add some of the cool suggestions given here, it will be a little more than what you say.
But in any case, if you plan to distribte at least the data, it is ok too.


Posted on 2003-01-13 12:22:45 by wicr0s0ft
Already added another 80 or so Non-Fatal Messages and the ontop and shrinking of the window when not in use.. It is turning out nicely. Looked through some source of the RadAsm addins and can't really grasp that. So maybe after I am happy and release the code someone can help make an addin. Although not sure what I will get done tonight.... Stepped on a 16 penny nail into the heel of the foot and bent the nail!!! Staying off the injured foot, I spranned the left ankle... not a good day... have some Jack in me for the cure-all and some Brandy to warm me :grin: and the Coronas' are to help me sleep... But I will still code!!! Although, got a few downloads and only a few comments... c'mon speak your mind people... and NO it is not blue, just on my screen....

Posted on 2003-01-13 17:36:44 by Gunner