Hi again,

1.I've seen in the RAEdit demo that you use a timer to set the state (enabled or disabled) of the tools and the menu items. Is this the best way or probably we should do it only when needed? i.e after EN_CHANGE (which you do not provide from your edit control) AND after EN_SELCHANGE. In any case, I think you should provide EN_CHANGE.
2. Could you please give me some hints on how to fill a combo box with the procedure names on a singlle file basis? (unlike RADASM in which this is done for all files)
3.You forgot one suggestion of mine; Double click on the Horizontal Split resets it to the original position.
Posted on 2003-01-11 16:00:14 by akyprian
Hi akyprian

1. This is the best way. EN_CHANGE is not neccessary as EN_SELCHANGE will give you that info when I am done.
2. Use bookmark functions. The '+' and '-' are bookmarks.
3. I have not forgotten, just give me some time.

Posted on 2003-01-11 17:06:48 by KetilO
1. I know you get EN_SELCHANGE when you are done but EN_CHANGE is specific to changes in text only.

Thanks for all.
Posted on 2003-01-11 17:16:11 by akyprian
Hi akyprian

I have uploaded latest RAEdit / RAEditDemo to my web site.
RAEdit demo now contains a combo for the procs and also shows how to use the fchanged member of the EN_SELCHANGE structure.

Posted on 2003-01-19 07:15:02 by KetilO
Posted on 2003-01-21 07:50:33 by akyprian