Hi all,
Long time observer, first time poster uhhh i think :)
Just stared programming in asm a couple months ago.

Well for a learning project, ive been working on trying to create a winsock layered service provider in asm.
Im not sure im going about it the right way.
Ive got it to where I can get the chains next lower layer provider WSPProcTable and other info.
What Im doing is sending the table of function pointers (WSPProctable) from the lower lever provider back up the chain,except modifying the function pointer for one call which is WSPSocket to my dll's own WSPSocket which works, as in doesnt crash the calling app and my WSPSocket is being called. Cant connect to internet yet, though.
Anyway I was wondering if anyone has any experience with LSP?
Am I even going about this the right way?
Do I have to handle the socket creations in my lsp or can I just pass everything to the base provider and return the results back up the chain.
For example, If I just wanted to know everytime a WSPSocket was called, do I have to keep track of anything besides, of course, the number of time WSPSocket was called?

Uh did I lose anyone??

Any help would be great.


note: KETILO: Thanks for RadAsm, couldnt get by without it.

Posted on 2003-01-11 18:56:52 by packetvb