Such empty lines after backslash characters Tasm5 can not see next line.

call CreateWindowEx,0,OFFSET szClassName,OFFSET szTitleName, \


is this a bug? (maybe a stupid question but I haven't noticed this before...eh!)
Posted on 2003-01-13 06:41:12 by cakmak
Its bug in your source code.
Posted on 2003-01-13 07:15:16 by comrade
which ? or where ? I hope don't mean absent CreateWindowEx arguments?
Posted on 2003-01-13 20:39:16 by cakmak
If i understand what your saying having a blank line AFTER a trailing slash gives errors - if thats you q. then its corrent as TASM sees a slash, looks to the CR/LF code and keeps going on the next line. Blank line next=end of code call for TASM... or so i think (its what i use for writing and thats what ive seen)

Posted on 2003-01-13 22:18:05 by jjoyce
Yes jjoyce,

I meant exactly what you understood. And I thought as u were. Btw, for masm this not a problem, so thought that may be a bug for tasm. Now I think, this is neither my false nor a bug, only so...

Posted on 2003-01-14 16:28:33 by cakmak


aaack! James Joyce is back from the dead! :grin:
Posted on 2003-01-14 16:56:28 by jademtech
Hi Cakmak,

This not a bug. I use always empty line and no problem. For example :

call CreateFileA, offset fname, GENERIC_READ + GENERIC_WRITE,\

I think your problem is space char.

i is wrong
szTitleName, \

right is


have nice days
Posted on 2003-01-18 23:08:30 by CYDONIA

Good guess ! :alright:
Posted on 2003-01-19 15:49:01 by cakmak