this may seem silly, but i took some minutes and made some math gfx stuff, i.e. curves. simply see the attached file...

any feedback? anybody has other (complex) curve stuff which may be worth reviewing?
Posted on 2003-01-13 12:33:45 by ploptor
Don't understandd them. Haven't even got a chance to look at the code yet. But they look nice, very interesting
Posted on 2003-01-13 14:25:12 by Eóin
for a better understanding: the graph drawn is f(x, y). x and y result from different functions f(k). in the header of each source file is a small comment stating those f(k) functions.

btw, i've updated the collection. for those who are interested ...
Posted on 2003-01-14 08:53:15 by ploptor
i've updated the graphics once again and added some polar coordinate stuff. you can download the file at:
there's a link called 'mathe-grafik'. click on it, and you'll see...

Posted on 2003-01-22 11:59:28 by ploptor
another update... still at
this time the link is called 'mathe-grafik fraktale'. contains some fractal figures in assembly.
Posted on 2003-02-17 13:59:44 by ploptor