Hello Everybody!!

Im new in this forum and I so glad to joining you!!!

Here come my question:

Im working on PWB in DOS some years ago. Now Im start programing in Win32ASM and I like to convert the Help files from MASM and PWB to the windows help format (for integrate to the help systems of the new IDE that I programing now.)
These help files has the quickhelp format and it can be decompiled in text files but i looking for a complete (and automatic ;)) conversion to the windows help system.


PS: Sorry my english, its so bad :(. I hope you understand me.
Posted on 2001-09-08 16:18:47 by NightShade

For MASM32 I decompiled the alang.hlp from masm
into text form, edited out the DOS specific stuff
and spent a LONG time converting it to rich text format so it could be built into the MASM32.HLP file.

Its reasonably straight forward stuff to do, there is just a lot of it.


Posted on 2001-09-08 19:49:22 by hutch--