subject : using interrupt

a few days ago i've downloaded the x86 interrupt list ( i got the link from fasm's link page ). but can anybody here please tell me how to use the interrupt listed in this file ?

for example, this is one intterupt taken from the list ...

AX = 0225h
BX = 6905h
Return: CF clear if successful
CF set on error
AL = error code
SeeAlso: AX=0225h/BX=6900h,AX=0225h/BX=6906h
Index: screen saver;Blank-It

is that mean i have run this line to make my screen "blank" :

mov ax,0225h ; AX = 0225h
mov bx,6905h ; BX = 6905h
int 11 ; INT 11 - Blank-It Screen Blanker

am i right ?

sorry for my bad english. your help would be greatly appreciated :alright:
Posted on 2003-01-14 17:32:29 by AstroCoder
It only works if you have the TSR Blank-It
Posted on 2003-01-14 17:36:39 by jademtech
can you give me examples on using x86 interrupt list ...

your help would be greatly appreciated :)
Posted on 2003-01-14 17:43:13 by AstroCoder
well, if you're looking to clear the screen, there are many ways to do it.

if you're looking for an interrupt to do clear the screen just before your program starts, /wo incurring to much of an overhead penalty, you could do a window scroll up/down.

haven't tested this, but here goes:
mov ax,700h ; or 6, to scroll up
mov bh,7
xor cx,cx
mov dx,0ffffh
int 10h

look up int 10h, sub-service 7 to figure out how that works :p

a faster method would be to set your ES (or DS) to 0b800h and start copying 00xxh where xx is your attribute to be copied into the blank screen and repeating this for the entire screen buffer. sorry... it's kind of unclear, so i'll pseudo-code:
mov bx,0b800h
mov es,bx ;is this valid? otherwise, do a push/pop
xor bx,bx
ScreenClear: mov cx,#ofCharsOnScreen
mov word ptr es:,00xxh ;see above
add bx,2
dec cx
jnz ScreenClear

not very elegant, or fast, but get's the job done and is understandable :) hope that helps!
Posted on 2003-01-14 21:01:48 by jademtech