When I want to send e-mail to xxx@aaa.com
from bill@clinton.com via modem I must:

1. Connect to smtp.aaa.com
2. Send 'HELO',13,10 (???????????)
3. Send 'MAIL FROM:<bill@clinton.com'>',13,10
4. Send 'RCPT TO:<xxx@aaa.com>',13,10
5. Send 'DATA',13,10,0
6. Send text

But if I connect via LAN I use proxy. How must I
rewrite those commands for proxy?

Posted on 2003-01-15 06:39:20 by Mike

you should connect to the proxy server, and send to it a special header(that include your smtp ip, and port). it will reply to you, warning if the connecting was done or not...

from now onwards, the connection will behave as if you was connect directly to the smtp server

there are, at least, 3 kinds of proxies: socks4, socks5 and www-proxies(squid?). each one use a different request method.

Get the RFC to know the proper syntax, or do a board search: i posted, some time ago, a socks4 server, from where you can get the structures.

Posted on 2003-01-15 18:34:24 by ancev
Understand. I have in my LAN www proxy and it's IP:port is When I download some file I use GET method,
e.g. GET http://aaa.com/bbb.zip ...
Thanks, Mike
Posted on 2003-01-16 07:52:02 by Mike