I've made a GUI for my program by drawing it in a bmp, I have some buttons and a edit box, for the buttons part, I'd like to know how could i use my drawed edit box instead of putting a edit box in there, i tried putting a edit box in there but it and coloring it with the same color as the bmp but it doesnt look good, every time user types something, the image gets fucked up because of the edit box size, im looking for any api or something that could maybe help me =) i've been looking for it for quite sometime now and found nothing.

resuming : i wanna use the editbox i drawed in the bmp instead of a windows one. i believe i should handle WM_CHAR and paint the char the user has entered in my drawed edit box.

The Keeper
Posted on 2003-01-15 07:14:14 by The Keeper
Could you please show screenshot of what exactly becomes wrong?
Posted on 2003-01-15 17:38:34 by comrade
I've made exactly what you need. Well, won't give you source, just an IDEA: use "DrawText".
This window and all controls in it (sliders, listbox,buttons, toolbars,title, borders,..) are custom-drawn and fully-functional ;)
Posted on 2003-01-21 00:05:49 by Ultrano
hi Ultrano, nice looking ;)

uhm... whats that background picture? are you running windows or linux or what? uhm... what about the button's text, are you drawtext it or bitblt from bitmap?

Posted on 2003-01-21 01:44:27 by dion
The background picture is in fact my "Dreamer" program, will release it in 4 months, you might like it. Running Win98SE. It is less time-consuming to bitblt.
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I think it should be said:
"If you had just one more day to live, what would you do?"
it's more correct gramatically
Posted on 2003-01-21 11:12:14 by Ultrano
hehe, thanks Ultrano for correct my poor english ;) i put that one just as a reminder for myself :D and happy coding :)
Posted on 2003-01-21 20:37:09 by dion