Hi Ketilo,

I would like to congratulate you on your Edit control.

I don't know if everyone understands the work that
is required for a project of that magnitude.

Anyhow I've been working off and on (more off then on)
on my own RichEdit control for AsmEdit for the past couple
of months.

What a challenge it has been, but most everything has been

I have a question for you, when I display the text I omit the
line feed character on the screen so it will look like MS's
RichEdit V2.

But that creates a problem when you use the WM_GETTEXTLENGTH
API, the return is minus the LF characters.

It sounds a little dumb to get a line count with EM_GETLINECOUNT
or stream the text to memory add the number of CR's and add that
to the return.

Any suggestions?

I just downloaded your demo and I see you have the same problem.


Posted on 2003-01-16 12:54:14 by Ewayne
Hi Ewayne

Yes I omit the LF's and only add it when streaming text out or when copying to the clipboard.
WM_GETTEXT, EM_GETSELTEXT and so on also omits LF's, so in my case WM_GETTEXTLENGTH is without LF's.

Since I store text on a line basis it is very easy for me to change this if needed. So far I have managed well without the LF's.

Posted on 2003-01-16 13:15:08 by KetilO
To KetilO:

Thanks for the reply, think I have found a quick way to get
the total number of characters.

Posted on 2003-01-16 14:30:14 by Ewayne