Hi KetilO,
I found some of these bugs with but untill now I wasn't
able to reproduce them.

The first 3 bugs (1A & 1B & 1C) look similar... they both have to do with the scroll bar.

NOTE: I always work with maximized windows. This may be imporant for
reproducing these few bugs.

###BUG 1A

This bug is pressent in all RadASM 2.0.0.X version, including

0) If code is more then one screen long when all procedures are open
but less then a screen long if all or at least one has been

1) Close enought procedures so the code becomes only 1 screen long

2) Click on the scroll bar

* Now the scroll bar is dead, you can see it if you minimize radasm
or move any other window over the scroll bar

3) Open some of the closed procedures so code is again more than
one screen long

* Scroll bar is still dead, but there is more....

4) Use the mose wheel.... it will scroll up/down for short while
but then it will die as well

NOTE: If you split the window, the upper half (new scrollbar)
works fine untill you do the same to it as we did above

NOTE 2: Twice I made RadASM crash while this bug was in effect and
I moved the mose to the bottom of the window that made the
output popup, and then clicked back that made it hide, but
I am not able to reproduce the bug.. :(

###BUG 1B

This bug is pressent in all RadASM 2.0.0.X version, including

0) Assume that RadASM project has more than one file, let it be
test.asm and test.rc, that test.asm is more than one screen long
while test.rc is less then a screen long, test.asm is open

1) Open or switch to test.rc

2) Click on the scroll bar.

* That's it, you just killed it

###BUG 1C

This bug is pressent in all RadASM 2.0.0.X version, including

0) Create a new file

1) Write some code or any text

2) Before it gets more then 1 screen long click on the scroll bar

3) Type more text so it becomes more than 1 screen long

* You killed it

###BUG 2

I only tested this bug in RadASM and it is only occuring if
you have oppened RadASM project, and not a single *.asm file.

0) Test.asm is maximized

1) Click on it's restore button and all code windows will vanish.
Only way to make them come back is to tile the windows.


BTW: I think tabbed windows would be better then MDI.
Posted on 2003-01-16 14:30:56 by Milos
Hi Milos

Thanks for the detailed bug report. Makes it easy for me to find the bug.

Seem that XP (not on Win98) does not like the page size to be equal to max.
I will upload a fix soon (1A,1B & 1C).

I have not been able to verify this but I guess it has to do with maximized windows does not store a proper size in the .rap file. I will continue the hunt for this bug.

MDI / tabbed SDI.
What can I say, some like them blonde, some like them ....
Nice thing about MDI, you can have them both. :grin:

Posted on 2003-01-16 16:47:22 by KetilO
Hi KetilO, here are a few more things that I found while browsing some of the lost secions of my mind :grin:

If a word list has popped up and has got focus and I press CTRL + SPACE then RadASM jumps to some wird locations... like another source code file or opens some dialogs in the editor....

However, I'm wondering if you can change one more annoying feature...
As things stand right now, while CTRL or SHIFT is down, SPACE can't be used at all while typing. Can you make it to pass the key down message for the space bar if there is there are no Word lists present?

Another suggestions would be to check number of items in the word list and if it counds only one then insert that text instad of displaying the list with only one item.. something like it's done in VB IDE.

And another one :tongue: , could you change the priority of following auto-complete elements:

-API Tooltip
-Auto complete list with my own variables as members

As it is right now, if I try to pust CTRL+SPACE for a partially typed in variable name while passing parameters to invoke I get that tooltip text appended to the existing text.... it would be perfect if this would happen only in case no other autocomplete list is present and that part of the text that's typed after previous ',' is part of the text of that variable in the tool-tip.

Thats' about it....

Oh, and If eventully put this collapsing to comment blocks as well then make sure that this feature will only be possible on blocks that have at lest 2 subsequent and complete rows of text..... and make all the further collapsing optional.... I believe you will do better then MS did with VS .NET IDE ...their solution sucks since code is even harder to read with all those (un)collapsing hotspots around ....

Posted on 2003-01-24 15:32:28 by Milos
Hi Milos

Working on a fix.

Posted on 2003-01-25 11:58:35 by KetilO
Hi KetilO.
I spotted two VERY minor bugs in the latest RadASM version.

First, the attached file is correctly loaded in qeditor's rich edit box but not in your RAEdit. I guess it has to do with CR character being just a single 0Ah in that spesific file.

Second, in the .code listing with procedures, if you click on the drop down lins of a procedure double click on the PROC entry of the list, RadASM will not take you to the correct PROC in the file but will take you to some other occurance of something like "PROC " (yes, with 20h character on the end). As I said.. pretty minor :) but this reminded me of another thing.... if I keep my PROCs like:

SomeProc PROC USES ebx, Param1 :DWORD,
Param2 :DWORD

then parameters after the Param1 are not recognised... this would be really cool from you to work around :) ...hhhmmmmm and when such procedure is collapsed then maybe you should not collapse those lines containing parameters... I don't know... just a thought....
Posted on 2003-02-07 17:25:34 by Milos