I'm a newbie at MASM32, so don't get mad at me... ;-)

I wanna know how to access the register, from MASM32.
How to read a key from it? How to write to it?

And, in Visual Basic you can use the command "SendKeys".
How to do that in MASM32?

Best Regards
// Christopher Vigren
Posted on 2001-09-09 06:25:57 by IceAngel

Did you download my example from the ?Here?s a neat registry trick.? thread?
If not get it and study it. You must have a copy of WIN32.HLP API reference
if you plan on learning the Win32 API?s. I think you can get it from Iczelion?s
website here: Iczelion?s Website

I?m not an expert on programming the registry but I do have knowledge on
how to Open Query and Create subkeys and various value types. If you need
more help let me know. Maybe if I can find a little free time I?ll make up a short
tut on using the registry API?s. At least the ones I have experience using.:)
Posted on 2001-09-09 10:13:13 by bcraven
Thanx for the tips!
That was just the thing i did... I have now study the file and it works :)

Sorry for my baaaaad english...

Best Regards
// Christopher Vigren
Posted on 2001-09-10 04:02:34 by IceAngel