Damn, can't edit original thread anymore... So, I think I will create a new thread for each version? Would that be easier?

Anywho... This version is for NaN (Well everyone) you can now save notes for each error message and view em too!

Anymore suggestions? :grin:

Current version is 1.2.4, unzip all files and run melt. The only unintall there is would be to run the regfile to delete the keys and values Melt made then delete the melt files :-)


Um, now the fun begins? It should work on NT OS's but we all know how finniky NT is about the registry... Let me know.

Yes, screen colors are different, I have to keep changing them :)

Melt 1.2.4 <- FIXED

Posted on 2003-01-16 20:49:25 by Gunner
Wow.. im impressed on your efficiency. That took no time at all to wip up ;)

Anyways it looks great, but the link is broken so i havent tried it out...

Q. Is the notes stored in the registry as well??

If i add say some code that is a solution example to a problem, will the code end up in the registry or a separate file? (( Im asking cause i cant download and try ;) ))

Anyways, great effort and very nice looking tool.
Posted on 2003-01-16 21:06:34 by NaN

Sorry, file not found tripod said

What happened dear ?

Posted on 2003-01-16 21:16:06 by Halong
Oops, pasted the wrong link. Link is now fixed! :)

Yes, everything is stored in the registry

HKCU\Software\Gunner Inc.\MELT\

and the values are the error numbers and the data is the note itself. Hmm, guess could get big huh? What would be better keep where it is or in a directory, the max data len I will save for each value is 900 (len of note edit box) or use zlib and put in registry or directory? I like the registy, quick and easy..
Posted on 2003-01-16 21:22:09 by Gunner
Thank you

I had it
I must be useful in future use for me

Have a nice day
Posted on 2003-01-16 21:41:38 by Halong
Ya, im not sure its wise to use the registry for a raw data storage. It would be better to have one registry key which points to a binary/text file that you save to. This is why i suggested compression as well (added feature i guess). As well if you do decide to take this path, you might want to have a setup dialog to reset this key to point to the file (incase the file or directory is moved).

or avoid the overhead all togther an impose a requirment that the data file must be of a certain name.ext and be present in the same directory as the tool. This is very easy to implement ;)

Posted on 2003-01-16 21:54:11 by NaN