I have attached a EXE archive that has a different system than has been used in MASM32 before that creates a complete set of libraries from an existing set of include file. The include files are a bit different to the normal MASM32 format files in that they have thwe prototypes for UNICODE API functions as well.

The resulting set of library files are about win2k in their range but they are smaller because they contain no other code than IMPORT library definitions. I have been using them for about 6 months with no problems but I need them tested on other machines with a wider range of code than I have available here.

If I can get these libraries tested up and reliable, I need to be able to use this system for the next version of MASM32 to get the size of the distribution down to save bandwidth.


Posted on 2003-01-17 07:11:16 by hutch--
Well I ran the download and put all the files in a new directory. Ran bldlibs and ... nothin - no output at all. hmmm runinng xp home edition.
Probably some proob with inc2l.exe and xp???
Posted on 2003-01-17 12:16:47 by gfalen
no luck on windows 2000 sp3
I get this error when bldlib.bat runs:
"A duplicate file name exists, or the file
cannot be found."

I also tried inc2l.exe on a inc file but there was no output(error or otherwise).
Posted on 2003-01-17 14:40:54 by MArtial_Code
When I first tried it it didn't work. This is under Win2k sp3. Then I went , downloaded and installed masm32 v7. The command I used was:

for %x in (*.inc) do inc2l %x

This is under a cmd propmt not from within the batch file supplied.
After getting masm32 v7 it worked just fine. Go figure.

I will test it some of the examples with the new libs.

Posted on 2003-01-17 15:41:07 by jInuQ
Well I recompiled the 3dframes example ,comctls example and both work just fine. I compared the old comctls.exe with my new one and there were only a couple of bytes different. which is the coff time date header stamp.

I will compile more later.
Posted on 2003-01-17 16:03:34 by jInuQ

Thanks for testing the package, what IS important is that it will probably only work with ML 6.14 and the LINK version supplied in MASM32 from the win98 DDK. My own testing shows that version 7 of ML and LINK fail with this operation.

What I am trying to do is build a system so that the libraries do not have to be included in the MASM32 package to save a lot of space as bandwidth is a big problem. I have used the libraries for a while now and everything builds fine but I was hoping that people with a different range of code could also test the system to make sure it worked OK with their code as well.

As it looks like the batch file syntax for a FOR loop is different between dos/win9x to 2k/xp so I will have to write the file and loop code into the utility INC2L.EXE


Posted on 2003-01-17 20:15:30 by hutch--
In Win2k if you do a batch file it would be:

for %%x in (*.inc) do inc2l %%x

It only needs one % for when you do it from the cmd line.
Posted on 2003-01-17 20:41:19 by jInuQ
Also on a side note I noticed some lib files are not the same size after regeneration.

For example:

advapi32.lib: Shiped with masm32 v7 is 425k
advapi32.lib: Rebuilt from masm32 v7 incs is 237k
advapi32.lib: Built from the your incs is 371k
Posted on 2003-01-17 20:59:20 by jInuQ
Here is 3 differenct exe one using libs generated with the includes in your file, one with masm32 v7 libs, and one using libs generated with masm32 v7 includes.

Hope this helps.
Posted on 2003-01-17 21:29:37 by jInuQ

Thanks for the feedback and the effort in producing different versiuons. They seem to be building at the same size but more importantly, they are building OK on existing code.

The LIB format is built by ML/LINK so they should be properly compatible IMPORT libraries for MASM code.

Any further feedback on a diverse range of software would be appreciated.


Posted on 2003-01-18 03:34:50 by hutch--
I have not had any problems with this package.
It installed correctly, and all the code I have
thrown at it works perfectly. Very nice !
My current system is running WinXP Home.
Posted on 2003-01-19 16:09:58 by anon