Hi everybody!

Just to let you know that I have just released the latest version of my free linker, GoLink (for making Windows apps). The main new feature is support for the Microsoft Layer for Unicode ("mslu").

Using this arrangement you can make one version of your application (using the Unicode APIs) which will work under W9x as well as NT/2000/XP. The loader ensures that under W9x the call to the Unicode API is diverted through unicows.dll which performs the necessary Unicode/Ansi translation. Unicows.dll is redistributable (you can ship it with your application).

What the mslu does not do is to enhance the ability of the W9x operating system to write non-Roman characters to the screen. This is still very limited.

Basically GoLink uses its own loader code, having the advantage that it can manipulate the contents of the executable directly, rather than having to use a link-time code library like Microsoft. GoLink's loader code is less than 800 bytes plus a dword for each of the APIs in unicows.dll actually used by the application.
Posted on 2003-01-18 15:53:09 by jorgon