Oakaliedokalie, I am at a point where I am happy with MELT. Doesn't save to registry, instead it saves notes to disk and supports multi-users. added and changed a few things. and all I have left with error messages are the Rc "C" errors and the largest of them all the Link/lib/dumpbin/editbin errors (these will take some time). Any more feature suggestions? There is no other utility like it and want to make it the best there is :) so give me suggestions. Any other tools you would like me to support? Other options? At first, I did think about making it open source but, as time went on I decided against it because of the time I put into it... although, it is still a in my mind. Maybe I will..... This is your tool, help me out here ;)
Posted on 2003-01-19 22:15:02 by Gunner