Hi all still trying to educate myself by looking at other code. This is more C++ code question, then, maybe not, either way I gravitate here for a programing answer and I know most here are familiar with C++ and VC++.

I would like to take a C++ program and preprocess it as much as possible to see thru the macro and #typedefs. Perhaps to process it to C and expand its macros and typedefines to basic constructs.

Maybe I can see if it is worth using for a masm project.

But at least I can follow it better without the layers of typechecking and 'readablity constructs'.

I have mingW at the present.

e.g. I have the realPlayer sdk package and planning a pluggin. Their samples are a struggle for me to see what's going on. They have dozens of header files and the core of real is about a dozen or more dlls that are buried within (I'm guessing).

I ran mingW cpp preprocess and it helps a little but It still leaves a lot of the C standard declarations.

It would be great to strip it down to c code with only basic data types.

Is this possible. What kind of in-code switches and compiler switches do I need to look at.

Posted on 2003-01-21 19:26:20 by RockyJ
OOT: just watch out with that "malbehave" realplayer :tongue:
Posted on 2003-01-21 20:42:04 by dion