I wounder if a program, made in MASM32 requiers some sort of runtimes (like VisualBasic)?

Best Regards
// Christopher Vigren
Posted on 2001-09-10 04:06:28 by IceAngel
Nope :).

Assembly is self contained. No outside runtimes needed. MASM32 is just a package with all the things needed to write Win32ASM programs :).

Posted on 2001-09-10 05:13:19 by Torch
Then MASM32 rocks!!!

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// Christopher Vigren
Posted on 2001-09-10 11:13:30 by IceAngel
what about win64asm? is that coming up or what? isnt 32 bit programming about to go out the window just like 16 bit did?

I tried to ask this before but whoever runs this place seems to enjoy deleting my posts..
Posted on 2001-09-10 11:39:15 by closed_casket
closed_casket you should throw unrelated questions into other peoples threads.

Beside your thread wasn't deleted, its here. The problem was it didn't get replies and so it was lost underneat the more popular threads.
Posted on 2001-09-10 12:18:01 by Eóin
From what i have read and seen 64 bit programming is a long way off. M$ has plans also to sustantially change the instruction set upon its release. Don't you just love them guys

Posted on 2001-09-10 13:35:40 by titan