When I use a <form> with a textarea in IE and wanna send the info., IE changes ./\&;. (and soo on...) to %asciicode... How to "decode" this strings???
Posted on 2003-01-22 02:55:07 by ChristopherVigren
This is not an asm question and therefore should be on the heap, but i will answer it for you. What you see is called "escaping the string", it is done because those characters cannot be used in a url, so they need to be converted to a form that can be transported on a url.

There is probably an API function to decode them, but i can't remember it. It is not a hard job for you to do it yourself though, it would be a good way to exercise your asm skills ;)
Posted on 2003-01-22 03:36:34 by sluggy
You can do it in assembly, would be good practice to parsing strings.. otherwise, if you are using IE 5+ you can use:

look these up in your help file/PSDK/MSDN for more info...
Posted on 2003-01-22 11:12:38 by Gunner