I am running Win2k and when I try and run this it generates an "c0000005 (access violation)".

Can anyone point out where I fouled up my code? or point me in the right direction?
Posted on 2003-01-22 22:31:13 by jInuQ
I figured out that problem and now have a new one. I createwindowex a main window and a listbox. When I click on the list box the program closes.
Any ideas?
Posted on 2003-01-25 20:22:08 by jInuQ
I figured I should post my current code. :grin:

Could I need to output a coff and the link it?
Posted on 2003-01-26 22:02:45 by jInuQ
Here is an updated zip. I have left an executable in this one for test purposes.
Posted on 2003-01-29 22:42:02 by jInuQ
Figured out my problem, there was a WndProc flaw.
Posted on 2003-02-06 15:43:16 by jInuQ