I want to build a resource manager by myself, and I have added a treeview and a listview to the window. but I don't know how to accept files that are dragged from a real resource manager. I tried WM_DROPFILES, but it doesn't work, and there are no messages like NM_DROPFILES ...

What should I do if I want to accept files that are dragged from outside? Maybe it's a FAQ, I have searched it, but I cann't find the answer...

Many thanks!
Posted on 2003-01-23 04:42:26 by minglei_lee

See \masm32\example3\dragdrop\

Posted on 2003-01-23 05:30:05 by Mirno


See \masm32\example3\dragdrop\

It's is not the one I need. I want to drop files to listview and treeview, but the code in the smaple can only drop files to the main window... In fact, I had already tried that smaple program before I created this thread...
Posted on 2003-01-23 10:25:54 by minglei_lee
Can you post the code you've got so far? It is easier for you to post a cut down version of your code, than for others to write an appropriate example.

Posted on 2003-01-23 11:02:32 by Mirno
I am sorry, but the problem is not there are some errors in my program, but I don't know how to do at all...:confused:
Posted on 2003-01-25 03:17:13 by minglei_lee
one way u could do it is to use getwindowlong/setwindowlong to add the WS_EX_ACCEPTFILES style to the listview and treeview... then subclass the controls and process WM_DROPFILES
Posted on 2003-01-25 03:44:28 by BubbaFate

some D&D features may only be available by using a bit of COM. Look this sample (originated from Random) accepting files from explorer

Posted on 2003-01-25 05:59:49 by japheth
Great! It's just what I want.
Thank you for your help, Japheth
Posted on 2003-01-26 01:22:50 by minglei_lee