I would like to receive any ideas or links to documents, where it would be written about reading partition tables without creating an IFS driver for nt (2k,xp). i heard that it is possible via native api's from ntdll. is it true?

any suggestions or links are welcome. thank you.
Posted on 2003-01-23 10:40:03 by kahuna
uhm... dont remember about native's. but i ever came across to the same function in HAL SPI .
Posted on 2003-01-23 20:14:52 by dion

look at CreateFile

Windows NT: You can use the CreateFile function to open a disk drive or a partition on a disk drive. The function returns a handle to the disk device; that handle can be used with the DeviceIOControl function. The following requirements must be met in order for such a call to succeed:

hope that helps

Posted on 2003-01-30 07:25:03 by masm32
you're right masm32. i ever see examples that uses that method, i mean using api like createfile to handle fsd.sys or whatever. but, it seems not work good after i running the compiled version :(
Posted on 2003-02-03 04:37:44 by dion
tried CreateFile with \\.\PHYSICALDRIVE1 ? :-)
Posted on 2003-02-03 11:05:45 by f0dder