Here is the latest in this cool tool:
MASM Error Lookup Tool

All errors for Ml, Cvtres, NMake, RC (RW and RC) are done and included. Working on Link/Lib/Dumpbin/Editbin errors and will take a bit. Since those 4 tools all use the same errors, they will take a bit to incorporate. I do have about 60 messages included.

Read the included text file for changes/additions.

Install? Just create a directory and unzip all files to directory. Uninstall? Just delete the melt directory and subdirectories.

Posted on 2003-01-23 22:31:02 by Gunner
Thanks Gunner.
Posted on 2003-01-23 22:56:30 by bitRAKE
This is a great product Gunner. Looks very professional and easy to work with. As well thank you for taking the time to move it out of the registry ;)

Howeverl, im sorry to say, i might have a potential bug identified:

I notice you are creating the "notes" directory based on the user name that is logged into the computer. My directory was "kjhk". This is because my M$ 98SE forces me to input something everytime I boot up.. (something i grew tired of since its only really needed for network neighbourhood ~ so these days i just hit the keybaord and then enter ;) ). The potential bug is then i MUST remember the username i was logged in as to be able to retrieve back my notes.

Perhaps in an NT box this is more systematic, but for 9X boxs i dont think you should build directorys with the username. Something like "ErrNotes" would be better in my opinion since it is not dependant of anything ;)

Anywho, the tool is otherwise perfect ~ Great Work :alright:
Posted on 2003-01-23 23:39:22 by NaN
Hey NaN:

Click Start / Settings / Control Panel, then double click on the Network.
Under the Configuration tab is a pull down titled "Primary Network Logon".
Set this pull down to "Windows Logon"

At this time you may be asked to reboot your computer, if so choose no.

Go back to Start / Settings / Control Panel , then double click on Passwords.
Under the Change Passwords tab is a "Change Windows Password" button.
Click this, fill in your current password in the "Old password" field. Note::
Leave the other two fields blank.

Open up File Explorer and delete any *.pwl (password logon) files you
find in your main Windows folder.

Now you can reboot.

If the logon screen doesnt appear its gone for good; Oherwise, if it does
show up, type in a user name and leave the password blank. Now it should
not ever ask for a password again.
Posted on 2003-01-24 00:09:32 by Graebel
First off, Nan.... what the hell is that ugly pic you have as an avatar??? Is that a young Yoda, or what happened to the guy from that cloning movie with Arnnie Swarcheniger (yeah it's spelled wrong)? Man, you are a tough one to please... :tongue: Your wife/girlfriend must love you. I am into security too and don't have many Billy defualts set, so here is what I will do... I will set up an ini file where you can input the user name you want too use with MELT... Ok? I like NT more than any MS OS (NO I do not count the Mickey Mouse XP as NT) and know that more than one user has settings... that is why I used the registry.. so, I changed to the program directory/username...... I should of known with your Nick.... Not Another Name... I will update MELT with an ini file for the user name to use... if no entry in the ini file, it will use the logged on user name... So remember the keys you press when starting up Win98!! Damn you....

As well thank you for taking the time to move it out of the registry

No problem! I like helping people! That is why I created GRiFLE and IEZE. Yes they are in VB but I now found ASM and will convert them... I thought VB was easy... I think Assembly is the easiest language there is... no bullshit when you are programming... you want something done... you tell the processor EXACTLY what to do... I am having so much fun with MASM that I when I look at my old VB code I say to myself, YUCK!

Oh yeah... a potential problem for you.... not for many... hehehehehehe.. You have to be differant don't you?

Wait till you see my next error tool.... it will be up you COM peoples ally!:grin:
Posted on 2003-01-24 16:30:52 by Gunner
OOOOOOOOOOPS.... There is a bug... I added code so when MELT is small, and you either enter an error number or open up the window and it is at the right/bottom edge of the screen, I will adjust the bottom or the right edge so it is on screen when open... seems I didn't "uncomment" code before release.... Will fix now...
Posted on 2003-01-24 16:49:18 by Gunner
Sorry for messing up this but can not keep up smiling when seing your new avatar.

Oh my Enlish teacher

Posted on 2003-01-25 05:36:02 by Halong