Tell me a program that makes a lib from a dll for masm32. Like implib.exe does in tasm32. Thanks
Posted on 2003-01-24 14:10:03 by p.andrei
It can be done but as with a TASM you only get a library from the names that are exported, you don't get any parameter count or size.

The way I have seen that done is to read the export list with a utility to get all of the names, format the names into a DEF file and look up the LIB syntax for making this into import libraries. They work OK but you still have to write the prototypes for the functions.

If you already know the prototype definitions, you can create complete libraries that have the full decorated names with a utility I wrote some time ago that gets masm to build the libraries for you.

What you have to do is write your own include file in the normal masm format and then run the utility on that include file. I posted it in the masm32 forum some time ago and it was called INC2L.EXE

Posted on 2003-01-24 14:43:17 by hutch--