I just downloaded this app and it looks great. I have been task with the maintenaince of about 6000 lines of MASM 6.11 code setup using various nmake files. I downloaded the app but I have trouble with the assembling of some of the code. I do have Visual Studio C++ with SP 5 and the Processor Packe ( which gives me the latest ML.exe ). Is there something I am missing? Is the MASM32 that is talked about not the same as the MASM 6.15? If not will my code base still assemble and run if I use the MASM32?.

Thanks for the help.
Posted on 2003-01-25 13:15:36 by shorty
MASM32 is a package put together by Hutch, it is a copy of ML, a linker, all the libraries, include files, and example code, that you'd need to program in assembly. If you've got Visual C++, then you've got the main ingredients of MASM32, but you will not have the include files and example code (or the MASM32 library, which contains some nice routines written by various people).

So MASM32 is not ML, but it contains it.

Posted on 2003-01-27 05:54:50 by Mirno

It has a lot to do with what the code is and how its used with your VC code. I gather it is 32 bit code and if it is, you can either run nmake with the processor pack version of ML.EXE and the linker from VC or you could do a little translation to the format that MASM32 uses which is one of the ways you can build assembler code.

With a body of existing code, I would be inclined to follow how it was built originally which sounds like setting the environment variables for LIB INCLUDE etc ... and using the NMAKE makefile to build it.

If you can let us know what type of code it is and how it has been built before, there is probably enough people around who are familiar with what you are doing to help out.


Posted on 2003-01-27 07:52:25 by hutch--