I want to write in masm my own mail server. I read some RFC and i "understand" that i must make a socket program on port 25 to connect to computer "example.com" if mail adress where i must to send message is "martin@example.com". When i test it this don't work, may anybody say where is my fault ? I make another test:
i run a server program on 25 port on my computer and send a mail message from other mail server (for example yahoo.com). When i send a mail i receive connection with ip adress of yahoo but i don't see to get any data from that socket connection ??!... Other strange thing is that i have a mail box martidim@mail.bg but pop server which i use is not mail.bg - it is mail.mail.bg. How to find where is pop server for some mail server ?
Other questions i will ask later ;)
Thank you for attention !
Posted on 2003-01-27 17:58:58 by martidim
You can use mail exchange resource records. A search for 'mail exchange' on this board would have brought you to this thread:

Posted on 2003-01-28 09:30:45 by Thomas