" You will have to share this "level" with us all sometime."

Of course, but I'm afraid that my message will be deleted or
in the best case will be moved to The Crusades,
if you don't like or misunderstand it...

Posted on 2003-01-31 16:16:32 by lingo12
My proffessor is Hiroshimator.
He tought me to use email.
bitRake in opposite betrayed me all the time,
not giving me detailed tutors on macro creation :)

Seriously, I'm happy to be here.
Kinda lots of the best people on the asm field are around here.
Four-F lately did something revolutionary in asm Win32 education -
started extended tutors on kmd drivers and made all includes
(with help of very good "protoize" by f0dder). Most important - he
promissed me that he was not going to stop :)
I'd been planning to start discussion it,
and now I'm glad he started it first - less work for me :)

Also I'm sorry that lots of bright head leaved us :(.
Missing Naza very much...
Posted on 2003-02-01 16:42:33 by The Svin
he never left :grin:

look above you.
Posted on 2003-02-01 18:47:31 by Hiroshimator
Hi all,

I would like to close this thread making a call to the distension, the respect to the solidarity, to the useful work for the most of us and the rejection to the proud, envious and lacking elites of solidarity.

All the members of this Community deserve me a great respect. I consider any contribution of great utility. It is possible that certain contributions don't interest me, but I am for sure somebody will be charmed with them. This is the wonderful of a Community like this: we are willing to offer our knowledge, to the other ones, without spirit of lucre.

A lot of people don't have the opportunity to learn a programming language like this if there were not solidary people as which we find here.

However, I am surprised by the reactions of some members when I have tried to make public the recognition to the immense work carried out by some of the best collaborators. An enormous useful work for all the members (for those form the "elite" of the programming, also). Possibly, this "elite" takes out more profit and them uses those hundreds or thousands of debugged libraries and routines more frecuently than beginers, for own purpose. Naturally,
there are many collaborators that they are geniuses, but I don't have to make the pursuit and the valuation of the work that all these geniuses carry out, before to thank somebody. Nevertheless, there are some members that highlight a lot for their enormous productivity and publication of own works.

I have already noticed myself that BitRake is a genius, especially in optimization. BitRake knows the manuals of Intel and other micros perfectly. The same thing happens with Thomas, Mirno and the Russian group: Svin, Nexus, Four-F and Comrade. But like Lingo says, I am not prepared to understand such a high level. Can be a transgression to make public the recognition to those that I have been able to understand? Lingo, when I arrive at your programming level I won't forget the names of the programmers that you consider better.

In relation to the comments of Roticv, Natas, Scientica, I have to tell them that I don't forget to none of the members of this Community (please, read it again): I gave them thanks
to all, but all don't highlight before my eyes like the 4 that I named.

To Roticv, Natas, Scientica and Lingo: I accept your favorite ones as excellent members of this Community and I thanks them again, but not because they are better neither worse than those that I named to the beginning of this thread, but for respect to their great collaboration I add them to the lists of honor. It is healthy this kind of recognition. This recognation does not mean that the other membrers are farts.

Ckacking?, tortuous investigation?: there are a lot of places to do that. Why do you need to break the rules of this side?. Yes, I know that the limit of tortuous investigastion and legal investiogation is not clear in some cases. but these are the "rules", here.

Note: "Elite" has not the meaning of "the best", here.

Thanks to all those that make possible the existence of Win32asm Community MessageBoard and forgive me, please, for my terrible English.

Posted on 2003-02-09 09:29:22 by ipadilla
Come on, ipadilla.
You are a nice person. Calm down.
Thank anybody you want, and take the others reflection
easy ;)
Posted on 2003-02-09 10:31:25 by The Svin