Does anybody know if it is possible to read non-iso formatted CD-ROMs from Windows? I am trying to read from a CD that has MAC software on it, and is formatted as HFS. I would like to make an image of it - don't say do it on a MAC.

The GetDiskFreeSpace function fails, but I can get the disk geometry by calling the DeviceIoControl function with the right parameters. Opening the device is also successful, but ReadFile fails.

Anybody any ideas?

Posted on 2003-01-30 08:48:52 by Nick
Hahaha! (This is my area of expertise, check my WWW site.)

There are quite a number of ways to access the files on a Mac formatted removable disk under Windows. My favorite way is to use a Macintosh emulator like the open source Basilisk II or (now) freeware Fusion PC, but these require the use of a 68k Mac ROM file in order to boot the Mac OS. There are also retail software titles like MacDrive, MacOpener, Mac2DOS and a number of others.

Your best bet is to use the open source HFVExplorer by Lauri Pesonen: As it's open source, you can study the source code and adapt it in any non-retail project you wish.

Failing that, ARDI has a product called Executor that mimics the Mac OS and can access HFS disks and even run older 68k (pre-PPC) Mac software. A 30 day demo is available here:

You can also create HFS formatted CDRs under Windows using Nero Burning ROM or under the Mac emulator Basilisk II. The problem with using Nero is that you need a HFS image file to burn it as HFS. HFS images can be created using HFVExplorer (or any Mac emulator), but transfering the files from the CD into the image may corrupt the files (Mac files have a resource fork that's destroyed under the Windows file system, unless they're compressed). I've never done it, but it should be possible to move items off the CD into a HFS image file under Executor without destroying any of the Mac file's resource forks.

I have a short tutorial on creating a Mac formatted CD via Basilisk II and Nero here:
Posted on 2003-01-30 09:02:34 by Masmer
I think mkisofs exists for windows

it can handle all that
Posted on 2003-01-30 09:41:43 by Hiroshimator