I just want to ask you if it is worthable to deal with.
See: we have a PC that acts like a server (let it be SQL). So, if we want to administrate it, we use Remote Admin tools, right? Of course, they are rather convinient, but when we are working a lot away from server we need some kind of automated tasks.
So, my idea is the following:
1) Create a script-like language for dealing with built-in objects and with some simple operators and operands (like If/WHILE/NOT and so on);
2) Create a digital signature authenitication module that will handle PGP-signed messages an so on...
3) Create a number of plug-in modules that will do the routine tasks (like dealing with database objects locally, system objects (COM/OLE/DDE/RPC/SERVICES so on)
4) Make it all a single integrated program complex.

So, what are your thoughts about this idea? Of course, it'll be 'open-source' and free to upgrade/update? What do you think of authenitication scheme? Should I use PGP or certificates? And the last thing: will it be useful?
Posted on 2003-01-30 13:32:40 by Maestro