Yeah, it seems I left partually russian text,
during translation :)
Here is fix,must be OK.

Don't use MSWORD,
Use console editors, viewer etc. At least Hiew
in text mode.

I use OEM font when I need alignment, pseudo graphics
etc. MSWORD is not good for it in the case.
Posted on 2003-10-08 06:26:31 by The Svin
Posted on 2003-10-08 06:40:32 by CuTedEvil
Here is part of final app about addressing,
both 16 and 32 addr bit mode.
It has no testing part.
I haven't decided on what is subject and rules
for testing.
Have several ideas, (for example test to
encode reg, 4 possible ways) but haven't
got yet final desired picture.
Variable answers could be correct, and thus what
is to be correct for testing is not travia question.
Nevertheless - reference part is ready, and little bit
optimized for size. If you have any thoughts about
testing - please, share.
Posted on 2003-10-08 07:10:06 by The Svin