Helo Everybody

Could someone please help me with this... What i am trying to do is put all of this in a real Window like the Generic Example in the masm32 Example files... I broke this all down to the parts i need to tranfer to a real window but after trying for the last three days i had no success. The hardest part seem to be trying to put the main Window in there, the SysDateTimePick32 Window... I got everything in Generic but it did not show the SysDateTimePick32 Window.

Thank in advance

This here work but it still got the rc files that i am trying to get away from....When you click the TIME BUTTON it replace the shown DATE... Then after one minute if you click the MINUTE BUTTON it show the updated time... Latter i want to use the 3RD BUTTON to replace all and show the DATE ONLY.

Thanks again

Forget this question . I must be doing things at the right time because about a hour ago i downloaded hutch new masm32 ver 8 and it had everything that i was working with in it and the Dialog Example made things a whole lot more understandable..... Well i thing i get rid of my old ver 5 now... I like that EIGHT. It was stranges going to assembly hell for a minute but i got it now i think...

Good Luck EveryBody
Posted on 2003-01-31 22:18:48 by cmax