Hey Ernie, or anyone else who dabbles in this area,

Has anyone as of yet made a 32 bit PIC programming utility (ie, serially send the intructions to the PIC programmer (hardware) via. a nice windowed interface??) I thought of converting a C source (written by David Tait) to MASM and use the winio.dll.. but perhaps someone has something aready made that i havent tracked down yet....

Just currious... as i hate using dos programs for things like this.

Any links/tips would be appreciated...

Posted on 2001-09-12 03:04:39 by NaN
DOS for PICs? Ughhhh.... no way!!!

How about a nice Windows program? A nifty cross-compiler AND a simulator so you can test the code (not in real time but still very usefull).

OK, it's 16 bit windows, but runs fine in 95 for me.

Best of all, it's FREE!

Go get it at Microchip . Get the MPLAB package. I'm surprised you didn't see it there.

But you asked about programming a PIC, that just gives you the binary code image...

OK, so it's not free, but it is cheap: Try the Newfound Electronics programmer. It's only $100 USD, and will accept the output of MPLAB.

I tried building on of the 'super cheap' programmers found on the web. Don't bother unless your wiring skills are much much better then mine are (and mine are pretty good) and your time is truly worth less than nothing.
Posted on 2001-09-12 06:49:02 by Ernie
Thanx but ya.. i have MPLAB... but again its just the compiler...

I have read the data sheet on the 16F84 PIC and looked at some free circuit schematics.. they make sence, and even more.. look EZ...

To be honest the site you suggest has an *almost* simular circuit layout. The other thing is, i have mine built on a dedicated bread board... so im ok with the wiring etc. ( Im a neet freek when bread boarding.. )...

But ya, I dont like having to goto dos (ie reboot) and send it down the parallel port if i can avoid it... Looks like i will have to do it on my own, its all good tho, the C source is very simple and small.. pehaps this week end i will get it done..

Posted on 2001-09-12 20:41:19 by NaN
What happen to command.com? Or is it NT that's giving you issues? Also, depending on the programmer you have, there will most likely be a propietary proto call used.

Ernie, do you think that downloader for my $60 MicroEngineering Labs burner is compatible with your burner?
Posted on 2001-09-12 21:05:09 by eet_1024
MPLAB has burner software built into it, what's so nice about Newfound Electronics programmer is it uses this same code.

I've not tried it personally, but it's gonna be my next choice when we buy one at work.

Currently I use the burner from TechTools (available from Digi-Key). It runs off a seperate Windows program, using the hex file output of MPLAB. However, processor and some status bits must still be set manually (I do have the version 2 firmware revs old already). Also, I have the cheap (but with timer) UV erasor, also Digi-Key.

They do the job.

eet: I don't know the MicroEngineering burner, sorry.
Posted on 2001-09-13 23:37:46 by Ernie