How can I use the UDC control in the dialog-creator toolbox? I would like to create a hotkey-edit. I tried writing "HOTKEY_CLASS" in the Class property but then the program didn't show up at all.

Posted on 2003-02-03 04:08:52 by Delight
Hi Delight

Use msctls_hotkey32 as this is the class name.

Posted on 2003-02-03 04:47:14 by KetilO
It worked, thanks. Where did you find that name? I looked for it in my win32.hlp and it said that I should use HOTKEY_CLASS...:confused:
Posted on 2003-02-03 05:26:03 by Delight
Hi Delight

You must look in the .h file or in the platform SDK. HOTKEY_CLASS is just an equate.

Posted on 2003-02-03 06:03:59 by KetilO
OK, that explains it, thanks.
Posted on 2003-02-03 13:25:37 by Delight