i've writen an in-process COM dll to monitor each URL requested by internet explorer. then i want to make something like "download manager", so i just want to have some suggestion about the way to communicate between the main program and the dll.

the dll will be called by IE process whenever there is a new URL requested so i just check that the URL is agree the condition or not, if so it will check whether the main program is running or not, if the main program is running, it pass that URL to the main program, otherwise let the IE process this URL.

any suggestion?

thank you.
Posted on 2003-02-04 00:59:53 by doby
I think IE has COM objects specifically for that who get their data directly from IE.

Internet Explorer Helper Objects or something like that =|

Look for it on msdn in the IE section, I know it exists I just don't know how it's called.
Posted on 2003-02-04 02:02:02 by Hiroshimator
hi Hiro,

browser helper object is not the point.
i mean i've successful intercepted the URL already but the url is inside my COM-dll which is invoked by IE process, so the question is "how can my dll send this URL to my Main program, which is in the different process (dll is in IE process)". because sometime the Main program is not executing.

something like "Mutex" or "Atom" can help this or not?

thank you for reply.
Posted on 2003-02-04 03:18:58 by doby
after a search...i found that may be i can work with share memory (either by memory-mapped file or shared data section in dll) and using CreateEvent() to tell the Main program that the data (URL String) is ready...
Posted on 2003-02-05 08:39:16 by doby