these are the files for tutorial 2

done in:

simplified chinese
Posted on 2003-02-04 12:28:21 by Hiroshimator
Which languages do you need for this tutor? Also it might be a good idea when someone is going to translate it to post it here before you start (first one gets the job? :) ) so we don't end up with people doing the same work twice.

Posted on 2003-02-04 12:59:44 by Thomas
well I have dutch already.

posting here would be a good idea yes :)
Posted on 2003-02-04 13:19:29 by Hiroshimator
Gonna try my hand at #2 as well, still Danish.

Posted on 2003-02-07 11:21:06 by Fake51
I seem to have forgotten a sentence. You don't need to redo anything just the last <var> </var> pair needs to be added to your translations.
Posted on 2003-02-07 14:28:13 by Hiroshimator
#2 done. I'm thinking both #1 and #2 needs some changes. The language used could probably be better. Oh well.

Posted on 2003-02-07 18:22:17 by Fake51

thx :)

I'm working on 3, hope to get it up this week-end.
Posted on 2003-02-07 18:41:03 by Hiroshimator
Do you need Russian?
Posted on 2003-02-07 19:36:48 by comrade
hi Hiro, i had updated Icz1 in my old thread. and this is the second one...
btw, what the diff between your last Icz2 with the first one?
Posted on 2003-02-07 22:01:03 by dion
Posted on 2003-02-08 05:35:22 by Hiroshimator
Serbian #2 ->
Posted on 2003-02-09 17:40:06 by Milos
Posted on 2003-02-10 07:05:31 by Hiroshimator
Serbian, fix.
Posted on 2003-02-11 15:24:39 by Milos
ok it's uploaded, check now :)
Posted on 2003-02-11 15:35:35 by Hiroshimator
<var name="content60" />

<div class="code">


eax, LocalVar

<br />push eax


<var name="content63" />


Have you forgotten 61 and 62? (they exist in the icz2.en).

I'll soon upload the translation draft of no 2, I'll just finnish the last lines.
Posted on 2003-02-12 06:52:02 by scientica
Here is the draft (just cut of the .txt):
Posted on 2003-02-12 06:58:54 by scientica
afaik all are there :)
Posted on 2003-02-12 07:38:04 by Hiroshimator
Posted on 2003-02-12 07:40:14 by Hiroshimator
Here's an update...

Ok, looks ok. (Haven't deared to proof read it ;))
Ok, now I see, the conent## isn't in the order I expceted them. You're right Hiro they're all there
Posted on 2003-02-12 08:08:19 by scientica
ok refresh and you should see your new version
Posted on 2003-02-12 08:10:40 by Hiroshimator