First off, :alright: Great improvements!!

I usually add a number of addition Help files in the qeditor.ini.
Well I can see it's very different now.

How to ...

Add extra Help files to menu structure?

Thanks much, P1
Posted on 2003-02-05 13:11:05 by Pone

On the EDIT menu is a setting "Edit Menus" which brings up a seperate window that has the existing settings for the menus in it.

The setting for help is set in square brackets,

Just use the find file after you have typed in the name you wish to display, place a comma after it andf the find file will place the full path after it. Save it and its ready to use.

For HTML help, do the same thing but instead of just using the help file name, prefix the file name with HH.EXE.

&PlatformSDK Help,hh.exe helpfile.ext

To seperate help files into different groups on the help menu, just put a minus sign on a seperate line and it is read as a menu seperator.

Posted on 2003-02-05 16:36:29 by hutch--
This is a super feature which I never thought of using. Now I have one of my favorite references (Win32.HLP) at my fingertips.


Posted on 2003-02-05 21:58:30 by Raymond

You can get F1 support for any API function with Qeditor by putting the name and path of WIN32.HLP in the "Edit Settings" option on the EDIT menu.

There are two other slots for extra help files for keyword access as well.

Posted on 2003-02-06 01:03:18 by hutch--