Hello ASM World

I am having big trouble with the High speed message dispatcher. I put a Create Static Box and it will comply but it do not show the Static Box. I change the color of the Window so that i can see the Static Box but it still do not show. Have anyone experience this using the High speed message dispatcher. I diothe same thing with-in most of the other tutes with no problem and all i did was to put it in the Dispatcher that seem to block things some how. So i am stuck at this point and cannot experiment with Dispatcher and i can't give up until i do. I could be missing something but i don't see how...

Thanks for any info about this

invoke DragQueryFile,wParam,0,ADDR szDropFileName,sizeof szDropFileName
; -------------------------------------------------------
; perform the action you want with "szDropFileName" here
; -------------------------------------------------------
invoke MessageBox,hWin,ADDR szDropFileName,SADD("WM_DROPFILES"),MB_OK


invoke CreateWindowEx,WS_POPUP, ADDR StaticClass,NULL,
mov hStat, eax

invoke Do_ToolBar,hWin
invoke Do_Status,hWin



I AM NOT SURE BUT A PROBLEM MAYBE BECAUSE OF *bColor* .... this is not standard to what i came from and it seem even if you add bColor + 1 2 3 or what ever it gives you a see through windows for all.

RegisterWinClass proc lpWndProc:DWORD, lpClassName:DWORD,
Icon:DWORD, Cursor:DWORD, bColor:DWORD


mov wc.cbSize, sizeof WNDCLASSEX
mov wc.style, CS_BYTEALIGNCLIENT or \
m2m wc.lpfnWndProc, lpWndProc
mov wc.cbClsExtra, NULL
mov wc.cbWndExtra, NULL
m2m wc.hInstance, hInstance
m2m wc.hbrBackground, bColor1
Posted on 2003-02-07 20:38:33 by cmax
WS_POPUP is not a valid extended style flag. Does CreateWindowEx return 0?
Posted on 2003-02-07 21:09:13 by comrade
Thank comrade

It was not the WM_POPUP because it really still work like that, but after reading your reply i tried again and founded that i id not use hWin. I was using hwnd, hWnd than i made a hKin dword... My programming habits made me forget about hWin. Because i change and do all with hwnd and hWnd. I think the High Speed Message Dispatcher is going to be what i need, 'll know for sure by morning. I saw how slow Windows Messaging System is within itself and has pissed me off. If it did not waste time with un-need stuff and let the program live it could than talk to our programs faster and let it run free with-out latching on to it in the wrong way and slowing thing down .... I don't know but for now i think the Dispatcehr is the Bomb for any program running under Windows.

By the way is it ok for me to use your SEH and TOPTEXT. I have near mastered those programs last month and have written it for serious needs in my app. SEH is the best because you made understanding SEH easy as pie. So your notes in that file did not lie... If i can now do it anyone can.

Thanks again
Posted on 2003-02-07 23:34:31 by cmax