Hi All,

Ollydebug v1.9 released.


New features:

- Additionally to MASM and IDEAL disassembling modes, version 1.09 supports also HLA
syntax (High Level Assembly, developed by Randall Hyde). HLA is public domain
software, you can download it together with documentation and sources from

- Analyzer knows that there is no return from calls to kernel32.ExitThread() and
kernel32.ExitProcess() and interpretes them as end of procedure;

- If several executable modules have same short 8-byte name, OllyDbg renames them
to xxx_1, xxx_2 etc;

- To avoid mixing of .udd files in cases when main file and DLL have same name, or if
program uses DLLs with same name that reside in different directories, OllyDbg adds
_1, _2 etc. to names of .udd files. This feature is active if option "Security|Ignore path
and extention" is unchecked;

- Option to synchronize CPU with source;

- OllyDbg supports relative pathes to source files in Borland's debugging information
generated by BCC5.5;

- Debugging engine now can step into unknown commands, like SSE2 (new Security

- Option to lock stack (i.e. stack window doesn't scroll when stepping);

- Register window displays debug registers DR0..3,6,7. Debug registers are not saved
to run trace and you can't modify them. Caveat plugin writers: size of structure t_reg is

- From the dump of executable file, you can jump to it's memory image in Disassembler
or CPU Dump;

- OllyDbg recognizes "real" (undocumented) SAL instruction but, in accordance to
Intel's documentation, assembles it to SHL. Both instructions have same effect;

- New undocumented opcode: ICEBP (INT1);

- Search for address and binary string in stack;

- Option to save width of columns to .ini file;

- Additionally to jumps, CPU info pane, list of known jumps and corresponding menus
display local (intramodular) calls to selected instruction;

- If you browse cases, jumps or calls to location in dialog, Disassembler jumps to
corresponding commands as you change selection. On Cancel, old selection is

and some bugs fixed.

have nice days!
Posted on 2003-02-08 23:28:14 by CYDONIA