i again attached a program of mine. start it, and press on "klasse5" please. a dialog will appear with a lot of edit boxes.. what i want to do is that if you press the tabulator key, that the focus jumps from one edit box to the next.. how to do that?

Posted on 2003-02-09 04:22:02 by NOP-erator

Just get the handle of the editboxes and then use the SetFocus procedure so the cursor will change to other editbox



.elseif uMsg == WM_TIMER

invoke GetAsyncKeyState,VK_TAB
.if eax != 0
invoke SetFocus,hEditActive

The only thing you have to do is to find a method to put in hEditActive the Handle of the next EditBox
or it will be a long coding
Posted on 2003-02-09 04:51:51 by ChigpA
hi.. no.. sorry.. i'm sure there is another and much more easy possibility.. i just don't know it.. :rolleyes: :tongue:

thanks anyways
Posted on 2003-02-09 05:01:50 by NOP-erator
Did you use the style WS_TABSTOP when you create the
editboxes ? The tab index will be the order that you create
the editboxes. I don't usually use dialogs, so I might be
wrong but this works for regular windows.
Posted on 2003-02-09 09:59:59 by anon
I believe all you have to do is add the IsDialogMessage function to your message loop... see Iczelion's tutorial #10.
Posted on 2003-02-09 12:54:48 by BubbaFate