Where is this file header and how do I access it? The Win32 API says the flags have to be configured a certain way for each of four different processors in order to access certain registers/context flagged threads.
Posted on 2003-02-09 13:39:27 by mrgone
um... you'd be looking in one of the inc files... .h header files are for C (and other langs, perhaps)
Posted on 2003-02-09 17:32:13 by jademtech
Winnt.h is part of the ddk http://www.microsoft.com/ddk/

The ddk is free. Unfortunately you can only get it via CD, and you have to pay the shipping costs. Last month Microsoft still had the Windows 2000 ddk available for download, but I see now that they have taken it off. :(

Right now I know of no place to download a ddk, but if you find a place be sure not to download a win9x ddk, because it doesn't include winnt.h
Posted on 2003-02-09 19:18:30 by BubbaFate
Ok thank you. I thought I had it downloaded but I just have 98DDK. I'll let you know if I find a place to download it.
Posted on 2003-02-09 19:31:23 by mrgone