Hi everybody!
I'm a new asm programmer (a new one because it passed to many years since I last programed in asm :) ).
So, I've got a problem: I'm trying to modify an vxd for a hard disk serial number reader (and I'm trying to read the physical hard disk serial number, which is enscribed by the producer not the volume serial number). So, in Win NT like machines there is no problem, but on Win9X ..... there's another discution. :(

In my net surfing I've "bumped" on some free sources but with some bugs (I'm talking here about the winsim's DiskID32 sample).
The problem is that on repeated trys the procedure (the vxd) doesn't respond to the calling (and from what I've understood is because the hdd controller is busy). Ok, one solution is to insert an 80 times hlt instruction and remake the vxd. Here I'm requesting your help: I don't know "where" to insert a hlt in that vxd.

The sourcers you can find on http://www.winsim.com/diskid32/diskid32.html .

Hope you can help me on this :) .

PS: I've tryied something but it doesn't work like it should do :(. I've attached what progress did I make :(
Posted on 2003-02-10 04:51:23 by pcos
i dont know, but if i want to debug, i just put int3. of course you must have a kernel debugger. about this one maybe some mod could give a hand on it.
Posted on 2003-02-10 06:07:17 by dion