Ollydbg v1.09 now supports HLA syntax!

So now there is a decent, free, debugger available for HLA users.
I will provide complete instructions on using Ollydbg in the upcoming
release of HLA v1.42 (don't ask me when, I've got a lot of testing left
to do on the FASM code output... :-( ).

In the meantime, for the more adventuresome,
just select the HLA syntax option in Ollydbg and you'll immediately
get HLA disassemblies. You can also tell HLA to produce map
files (using the -m command line option) and even debugger
information ( -ldebug) that Ollydbg understands.

At some point, as soon as I get caught up a little bit,
I will write a document on debugging HLA programs with Ollydbg.

And many thanks to Oleh Yuschuk for adding HLA support to
Ollydbg. It fills an important hole in the HLA package.
Randy Hyde
Posted on 2003-02-10 23:03:11 by rhyde